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Social networks are a digital showcase for your business. With MyLnkr, our Link-in-bio tool, direct users to all your online service points in a single space.


Streamline live communication, offer 24/7 availability to your customers and simplify your operations. Learn more about our chatbots.


80% of consumers trust more in businesses with websites. At People Ads we design and develop your web presence from your website all the way to digital advertising.

Push Campaigns

This is the ideal option for that big launch or promotion that needs massive reach. With Push, we give your brand high visibility and watch your budget!

Social Media

Almost 60% of the global population is on social media. Your next customer is there and we can help you reach them.

Display Premium

The whole world is on the internet… And this includes your competition. Learn more about our high reach, targeted and affordable advertising services.

Quick Video

The key to advertising is to attract the attention of your audience and video is the most powerful tool. Learn more about our video advertising services.

Gaming Marketing

Strengthen the engagement and results of your promotions and product launches with our turnkey gaming marketing campaigns.

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Success Stories

Display Campaigns for Telco Promotions

Together with Costa Rica’s main teleoperator, we launched “Nos botamos íporque si!” in 2021.

With the help of People Ads, we reached 187.9K web visits and more than 49K subscribed users in 3 months.

Liberia Airport Shuttle

With the help of People Ads Web Presence, has established its web positioning, achieving #1 Google search result for [Shuttle] in Costa Rica in 2022.